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Release Date: 7th August 2015

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8 years ago, Brian Flynn was in need of carers who could work with him. Having Downs Syndrome and autism meant that he needed a carer who could help to enhance his social life; David Kneisler was that carer.

Over the time that David and Brian worked together, they brought out each other's abilities and passion for the arts; including: music, performing arts, film and dance. They created music and movies together.

This project is a music video that showcases Brian's performing abilities and Dave's music and digital media skills.

The creation of this music video project was brought on by a letter that Brian's mother received in 2013 from an organisation that funded Brian's care package, which stated that they would be ending his funding as of March 2015. Also spurring this project was Brian's mixed feelings about the legendary music artist, Justin Bieber.

The idea behind this project is to facilitate a few goals, purposes and possible outcomes. These goals, purposes and possible outcomes include:

• showcasing Brian's talents and abilities
• creating positive awareness for people with special needs and disabilities
• helping with the funding of special needs/disability care and extracurricular activities

Now that this project has become a reality, it is important that the project continues on a meaningful and fulfilling course in order to achieve the purposes and goals through which it was conceived.

Should one feel moved and inspired by this project, you are more than welcome to help and support the cause by doing any or all of the following;

• Share the music video with your family and friends via email, social media, word of mouth, etc.
Buy a digital copy of the song

Please note: A portion of the money raised from project will be given to Brian and his family for future care and enhancing his daily activities.

We hope you enjoy our project.

David Kneisler & Brian Flynn