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The way it is... KOPIOUS DK1 was born and raised on the island of Bermuda. He started songwriting at the age of 10 and has not looked back. KOPIOUS DK1 creates his own flavour of music. His influences in music are vast and cover several genres.

After years of working with amazing music artists, inventing himself, and studying his own art of music, KOPIOUS DK1 has finally joined forces with KNEISLER MUSIC to take himself and his new music onto an international platform of epic proportions.

His first major release, involving his first music video, is entitled “No Contest JB”. RELEASE DATE: 7th of August 2015.

The project is considered a “Special Needs Music Video” starring an amazing legend named Brian Flynn, who has Downs Syndrome. This project was created to create awareness for people with special needs. KOPIOUS DK1is very passionate about spreading awareness on an international level to make everyone who cares to listen and watch that people with special needs are people too. After knowing that Brian’s care package in London was set to finish in March 2015, it inspired this music video from the recollection of Brian’s reaction to watching the movie starring Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never”. The song explains Brian’s character and his mixed feelings about Justin. It in no way attacks or degrades him, yet states exactly how Brian feels about him. It also proves that Brian Flynn is a legend...